About us

Rent2u Lda is a family business whose main activities are the exploration of units of Local Accommodation, Civil Construction and the Buy and Selling of Properties. It started operating in 2016 and it currently has eight accommodation units for rent: four in Funchal – Casa Valentina, Casa Francisco, Casa dos Filhos and Casa dos Avós, and four in Calheta – Casa Agrela, Casa Mariana, Casa Leonor and Rochão Village.

Meet the needs and expectations of customers, with the aim of improving their hosting experiences.


Rent2U’s mission is:

  • To offer a stay of excellence;
  • To provide guests with a sublime stay in a serene and quality environment,
  • To meet customers’ expectations and needs, with the aim of improving their hosting experiences
  • To involve guests as much as possible in the local culture, contributing to the development of the local economy,


  • To be a reference as Local Accommodation on the island of Madeira;
  • To explore local opportunities and tourism in the areas where it operates;
  • To increase our area of ​​operation through the acquisition of new accommodation units.
  • To obtain the maximum possible profit respecting the principles of environmental sustainability and, also, guaranteeing the continuous success of the company.


  • Guests – the center of our activity, its’ well-being is our focus and the reason for our success
  • Quality – we always guarantee the highest quality in our accommodations and in the services provided by us
  • Trust and security – always guarantee that our guests feel in a safe environment, as if they were in their own homes.
  • Innovation – the needs of guests are constantly changing so, through the study and analysis of these changes in the market, we are constantly working on changing, innovating and modernizing our services and our offer. – Ethics – we always act according to the highest ethical standards, both between us and with our guests and partners.